Ready to let go of limitation and live joyfully?

Who is this Maureen character anyway?!

True or False: Maureen has been a solopreneur for 15 years.

In this note- I’m thrilled to share a little bit of the behind the scenes adventures of how I’ve come to do what I do and be who I am.

I love learning random facts about people and this month I’m unveiling myself for you (boom chickawaawaa). If you were to write 25 random facts about yourself based on the things you desire to do in the next 5 years… what would be on it?

Let’s go- time to reveal….

Here are a few random facts, stories, adventures and endeavors to invite you behind the scenes of my world.

1. Although I don’t officially go out for a night of dancing often… I love to be twisted and dipped! It makes me giddy and all smiles. L-O-V-E it!


2. My first open water dive in Fiji was at a place called “The Supermarket”.  Why was it called that you ask? It was the place the sharks came to “shop”. Yeah- who thought that was a good idea?! My best friend Mairead and I jockeyed for position to attach ourselves to Api the large Fijian man with a spear.


3. I eat popcorn in a completely uncivilized manner. Who has time for kernel by kernel? I prefer the shovel by the handful method.


4. I’m not afraid to pop into the Frozen Yogurt store and enjoy sampling 6+ flavors… I love the buffet of life!


5. I enjoy a variety of workouts; sledgehammering a truck tire, climbing a rope, attempting a pull up and getting all yummy in yoga- yes please!


6. I am aware of how amazingly lucky I am to have the deep, connected, loving friendships that I do. I am blessed, blessed, blessed.


7. I experience tears of joy on a regular basis when working with clients who release limitation and step into new possibilities.


8. There are a few moments that stand out when I have laughed so hard it truly did become painful… Vegas with my gals was for sure one of them.


9. The first several after leaving my corporate job in 1998/ 1999 felt more like unemployment than self-employment. Perseverance!!


10. I am a self-proclaimed thumb wrestling CHAMPION! Once again people… it is not cheating to use cat like leaping skills to pounce your opponent with a vertical leap, seconds before pinning their thumb- it is called “using one’s skills and creativity”.


11. I’m touchy. Hugs- you bet! Massage- yes please! Wanna watch TV and exchange foot rubs or tickle each other’s arms- I’m in!


12. I know that amusement and joy are potent elixirs that the world is thirsty for. Join us in more laughter!


13. Wondering what makes me get cranky? Technology that doesn’t work. I may indulge in a temporary vision of sledgehammers and hucking it through the window. (Remember that scene in Office Space where they took the fax machine out into the field…) Then I remember my tools, breathe deeply eat a chocolate chip cookie with whip cream on top and send good vibes to the machine.


14. I am a HUGE fan of campfires and get mesmerized by the flame and red embers. And I believe that 10 s’mores are not too many.


15. I am curious about what is behind people’s masks (including my own). What stories they have lived that have molded them into who they are and who they will be.


16. I love working for myself and have been running my own show since 1998! My boss approves of the occasional afternoon nap or midday/ midweek hike.

cailin maureen waterfall

17. I can’t remember a time when I cried and wailed any harder than when my dog, Cailin, escaped from her leash and collar and ditched my Dad to run across 6 lanes of traffic, was hit by two cars and was “missing” for 20 hours. The story was pieced together and unveiled to me the following morning when the vet finally scanned for an I.D. chip and ended my hours of worry and dismay. I am forever grateful to the woman who “rescued” Cailin and brought her to the Vet Hospital with a variety of treatments and my healing energy work- she made a full recovery.


18. I have an odd talent for knowing when someone has just had a haircut. Yes, even people I’ve never met. Hmmn- I wonder how I could invite more Love and Joy into the world with this superpower?


19. I have been on TV a few times; the first time was a game show for kids called “Wonderama”. I was seven and won a Holly Hobby Easy Bake Oven- it rocked!


20. I am musically challenged. Yup- can’t carry a tune and delightfully horrify my friends and family with my bold rendition of Happy Birthday. Think- Opera meets Jazz, meets deaf person, meets Marilyn Monroe.


21. I endeavor to move through the world and not be impacted or make choices based on what people may think or how they may judge me.

red dress horse

22. I enjoy being silly. How? Shall we horseback ride through the jungle of Costa Rica in a floor length red strapless gown? Check!


23. I had a life changing experience in the Spring of 2009 and “spiritual awakening” gets close to explaining it, but also seems to leave it a bit short. I am certain that Divine energy is around and accessible to each of us. And when I say that it is juicy and powerful and oh so very very very cool- it really is!


24. I believe that the deeply connected intimate loving relationship that I desire does exist, and am grateful to all my former “teachers” (boyfriends) that have prepped me to recognize/ receive him, and to all his former girlfriends for playing with him and then releasing him to find me!

blonde maureen

25. If I was a blonde- I’m told my celebrity look alike would be Jennifer Aniston.


26.I eat chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. If there is caramel involved- even better! And I continue my quest to get people to pronounce it caRAMel.


27. I’m not much of a sit around gal… and I sometime watch movies on fast forward to get through them quicker.


28. You may see me eat steele cut oatmeal with fresh blueberries for breakfast just as easily as you may see me eat a chocolate cupcake topped high with frosting.


29. I get choked up and teary almost every time I talk about my two God children, Madison and Owen. I love them!


30. I believe in past lives and cellular memory and believe both have an impact on how we move through the world. I also know everything is changeable.


31. If someone else was in charge of cooking I would want to have a dinner party weekly because I think one of the greatest joys is dear friends gathered around a table telling stories, listening, loving and playing.


32. I’m betting the trend that I’ve started by dog paddling the swim during triathlons will catch on and possibly become the way Gold is won at the next Olympics. Wooof!


33. Spring is my favorite season. The freshness, the buds becoming leaves and the flowers pushing through the earth… it feels like magic.

I would love to hear some exciting facts about YOU too! Comment and let me know!

And, I’m also wondering what magic lies ahead?!

Here are more ways we can play together!

And a free gift just for YOU and your fun facts!

Here’s to revealing our unique fabulousness,

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    • Paula- your impact on me, my life and what I’m up to in the world has been profound. Extraordinary gratitude for you!!!

  1. Maureen I absolutely love you!! And am grateful for your fantabulous JOY filled energy, as well as you being such a huge inspiration! Thank you:)

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