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Winter ease

Winter is here (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere)! And with it, shorter days, colder temperatures, darker mornings and for some people a case of the blahs. It can be a challenging time to smile when your lips are chapped or to exercise when you just want to pull the covers over your head and eat cookies.

Have you noticed this?

A little less giddy in your up?

A little more “I’d rather just snuggle in than change the world?”

Is there a default or script about this season that you follow?

Once you recognize a pattern of behavior that may keep you stuck, you then have the power to flip your script and open up to new possibilities.

Instead of fighting against the internal response to Mother Nature’s changes, what if we reframe our relationship to this season by honoring the things the body wants physically and emotionally? By listening to your body’s wisdom you can harmonize yourself with this season and reveal more light out of the darkness.

What does this reframe look like for you?

Tips to Create Lightness Now:

1. Intention Remember you are the same person regardless of the season. If you’ve struggled in the past, you don’t have to have the same experience in the present. You can actively choose to flip your script and choose joy and ease right now. Try setting your intention on creating new possibilities and see what magic is unveiled with your new attitude. If you’re cruising on autopilot, your mind and body can slip into familiar patterns of behavior that have not served you. And, you have the power to choose!

2. Reflection – Look at winter from a new perspective. It’s a wonderful time for looking inward and reflection. Appreciate the quiet stillness in the environment as it can be nourishment for the soul. When we are in harmony with the seasons, we can look inside ourselves and set new goals or resolutions. Wintertime is a period of transformation, renewal and recharging so why not explore ways this can benefit you? The stillness of the season can be full of serenity!

3. Rest – Give yourself a “mini-hibernation” experience. Recharge your battery with extra sleep. Your circadian rhythm responds to the environment and if you honor the natural cycle, you won’t be in a constant struggle. We are sensitive to lightness and darkness, but it doesn’t have to control you. When you listen to your body, your levels of happiness will increase. Create a sanctuary of calm and allow yourself to rest and unwind.

4. Indulge – Do you have a sweet tooth? Don’t deprive yourself of enjoying the yumminess! That “all-or-nothing” mentality of eating (insert your favorite indulgence here) is simply ridiculous! As with everything, take small bites, savor them and enjoy in moderation. On occasion, if the winter woes are affecting your mood, splurge and enjoy it. Appreciate your favorite treat and indulge intelligently! Ca-RAM-el anyone?!

If you’re willing to deepen your reflection and exploration this year, join us for the third annual Move & ReJuve Retreat at The Present Moment on the beaches of Mexico from March 14th – March 21st.  Are you ready for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation? This destination retreat week will be packed with tools and techniques to change your life, adventures and an abundance of play and relaxation. Say goodbye to the blah’s on the beach!

Kiss those blues away,

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