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Is Joy the Essence of Success?

What are all the ways JOY can be the foundation and primary ingredient in what we are creating? Here’s an example: “I wonder what can occur today that would be joyful?” Share with us! Continue Reading

Does patience pay?

How does patience pay when you are in creation mode? What happens for you when there are things that you know are possible that haven’t yet shown up? Continue Reading

The other person is…YOU!

How are people a reflection of each other? If you find something annoying about another person….what is that showing you about yourself that needs more love, attention, caring & kindness? Continue Reading

Do the Holidays Amuse and Delight you?? Winter holidays receive a huge build-up with high expectations. Stores are advertising sales, Christmas music is playing, and there is a buzz in the air. What if the Holidays truly could be the most wonderful time of the year? Spit out the rotten fruit cake and take a sweet… Continue Reading

How can I create my best self?

How can you create today, tomorrow, next week, six months….in the way that truly lights you up? What if you shift in how you create yourself and what would that look like? Continue Reading

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