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Hey there Lovable Friend,

Let’s face it: What Hallmark cards don’t always tell us is that while love can be delightfully fabulous, it can also be messy, confusing and imperfect at times. Just like us and just like life itself! With its magnified highs and lows, love is unpredictable, exciting and often not quite what we expect—so much so that we might be tempted to protect ourselves or withdraw.


Shall we change that?

What if we approach love with courage and fearlessness to manifest deep, gratifying, beautiful love? Is now the time to experience relationships of epic proportions?
Bring it on!
Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.
~ Marianne Williamson
Here are 10 ways to create JUICY relationships and discover your inner love Lion/Lioness! Rawr!
1. Be yourself.  Embrace your uniqueness! Why? You rock! If we want to be loved for who we truly are, why put on an act? Acts get tiring and confusing… So, keep being your awesome, imperfectly, perfect, self!
2. Be present. Focus on living in the moment. Ditch the pain and emotional baggage of the past, now is the time to let it gooooo. Stop worrying about a future that has yet to arrive. Embrace the truth of the here and now and not a fairy tale.
3. Stay open. Keep the door to opportunity open. If fear’s favorite pastime is to break us down, we miss the possibility of signs and messages from the Universe guiding us and our relationship along an exciting path of discovery.  When we are vulnerable and trust the process, true connection to others is inevitable.
4. Speak up. Be bold and start communicating clearly. Although we are all super aware and it’s likely that you know what other people may be thinking- Ask. Share. Make requests. Don’t expect other people try to read your thoughts, let them know what you desire! Silence can create resentment and solutions require communication. Easy breezy!
5. Stop looking for perfection and embrace the messiness. What if we started celebrating the beautiful, non-perfectness and opened ourselves up to the potential of new actions and attitudes? This would make us more powerful and give ourselves and our relationships a chance to thrive. When we are more comfortable living in the “messy” area, we are empowered and more successful as a result.
6. Forgive. When you let go of anger and resentment that no longer serve you, you invite in hope, health and happiness. Release negativity and breathe in positivity. Feel lighter already?
7. Fight Kindly. The important thing is that when handled effectively, arguments can ultimately help a relationship. Learn the difference between conveying anger responsibly and “dumping” it. Be mindful when expressing your feelings and emotions. This can trigger intense vulnerability in people, but remember it symbolizes true courage and strength. Don’t be a lion(ness) hunting for the kill… use your gentle strength with your inner and outer prowess.
8. Love with no expectations. This is fearless love in action and the embodiment of selfless acts. You are inviting more joy to enter your being because you are choosing to quiet the ego. Ask: “How could this experience be beyond what I ever thought or dreamed or conceived!?”
9. Take responsibility. Freedom is found when we take 100% ownership of our emotions, thoughts and actions. Stop playing the blame game (even with yourself!) We decide how we choose to respond to others; therefore we are in charge of our own happiness. Be accountable and the result will leave you feeling liberated and your relationship under less pressure. Ahhh…
10. Love yourself. Loving without limits begins with self love. Imagine moving through your days with NO judgment of you. None. As you love yourself so deeply, there is nothing to judge about you and from that place, step forward into fully loving others.
Hey, YOU! Yes, YOU are a fearless, fabulous force! When you can accept and appreciate that you are a gift, you become an irresistible invitation for daring, divine, love!
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Hey Friend, what do you say…shall we enjoy this love adventure now?

Adoring you,

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