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Ready to let go of limitation and live joyfully?

Maureen’s Story

I want to live in a world where laughter is the elixir of choice, caramel flavored kisses are readily available and judgment is as out of style as the rotary phone.

mystory1As an International Speaker, Facilitator and Coach, I  have been honored to facilitate hundreds of workshops and coached many successful people to have more ease in their lives and to generate living that is better than they could ever imagine!

As a Limitless Living Strategist & JOYologist, I’ve been hugged by happy clients, applauded by delighted audiences and featured on international tele-summits, radio shows, Body Mind Spirit Expos and have been on TV several times.

My goal is to deliver highly interactive, compelling classes and experiences with enthusiasm and humor. As a former Dale Carnegie Instructor and as a professionally trained coach with Coaches Training Institute, I ensure that each participant is actively involved in their learning and healing process to ensure skills, tips and techniques are understood, remembered and used.

We all have transformative moments of awareness in our lives—call them breakthroughs or “Ah-ha!” moments. Read the profound experience that shaped my practice and how I move in the world.

I invite curious explorers to new possibilities with a variety of topics:

  • Let’s Laugh~ This Reality is Hilarious!
  • Reveal Yourself: Living Beyond Judgment
  • YesPleaseThankYou: The Art of Receiving
  • JOY: The Elixir for Limitless Living
  • You Unleashed: Dust off your cape and start creating the life you love
  • Getting Your Message Across: Presenting in an Engaging and Powerful Way
  • Amused Living: Use JOY to Create More Personal and Professional Success
  • Calm The Cranky: Diffuse Tough Situation with Ease
  • Questions It!: The Art of Curiosity to Spark Creation

mystory2-largeWhen I’m not empowering people to ditch limitation and unveil their badassery, you can find me dreaming up the next great adventure where I can wear my strapless, floor length red gown, getting my passport stamped, hiking with my fabulous dog, making up words while playing scrabble, debating the benefits of dark chocolate versus white chocolate or pretending I actually knows how to paint on canvas.

Stay tuned for my first book:

Whipped Cream on Poo: Ending the Judgment of YOU

Want to know more? I’m thrilled to share a little bit of the behind the scenes adventures of how I’ve come to do what I do and be who I be:

  • I believe in past lives and cellular memory and believe both have an impact on how we move through the world. I also know everything is changeable.
  • If I was a blonde- I’m told my celebrity look alike would be Jennifer Aniston.
  • I’m not afraid to pop into the Frozen Yogurt store and enjoy sampling 6+ flavors… I love the buffet of life.

Here are the rest of the answers to the question, “Who is this Maureen character anyway?


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