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Cellular Release Therapy

Cellular Release Therapy™ is a process and system to clear trauma or painful experiences from the body, mind, emotions and energy system. It is a very gentle, permission-based process that allows clients, in their own timing and in their own way, to allow old emotions, habits and patterns to evolve from the form that they have been held.

Experience Change on a Cellular Level

One –of many- great aspects of this modality is the client doesn’t have to remember or re-experience the events to release and clear them.

What if every cell in the body has consciousness and are continuously programmed from the moment of conception? And, what if our energy system contains all of our previous lives of experiences? Cellular Release Therapy™ provides a way to clear experiences from many different lifetimes that may be contributing to a current condition, situation or experience.

The subconscious mind has unlimited ability to receive, record and store information, and to bring forth logical results based on this information. So, for instance, as traumatic experiences, internal conclusions and beliefs about the self that result from these experiences, emotions, shock, fears and other data accumulate over the years, at some point it can make perfect sense to the subconscious mind to create an illness or imbalance of some sort in the body, mind or emotions.

For a deeper understanding of this principle, Deepak Chopras’ book Quantum Healing is great for insight into the intelligence of the body/ mind at work.

Clear Emotional Charges Quickly and Easily

Cellular Release Therapy™ allows large amounts of experiences to be cleared at once. It’s a powerful way to accelerate the process of transformation and healing.

The subconscious knows exactly how to completely heal the body, mind and emotions. It knows how to clear the emotional charges from past situations and thus a client does not lose memories of experiences, only the emotional charge or pain or trauma from it.

Every experience, thought, feeling, word and action brings about physiological, neurological, bio- and electrochemical changes in every cell of our bodies. WE make decisions and come to conclusions about ourselves, our bodies, our relationships and many other things. We come to conclusions and construct beliefs based on many of these.

We now can un-create beliefs, conclusions and any experiences that no longer serve you in living the life you love.

My job- is to facilitate a client as they unravel the mysteries that have been created and un-create the conclusions that no longer serve them. It is a personal evolutionary process of allowing fears and lower frequency emotions to begin to evolve so that the whole system moves into greater love.

Personally- this modality has created my biggest breakthrough and spiritual awakening.

Are you ready for a powerful yet gentle method that really creates change?

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Cellular Release Therapy™

Cellular Release Therapy™

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