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Intuitive Energy Healing

These sessions are one of my favorite ways to work with clients and facilitate changes!

Have you ever had an experience or met with someone and then just felt “off”. We are so super aware that we often pick up on other people’s thoughts feelings and emotions. And, we may not even be aware of it.

Is now the time to eliminate our stuck stuff from the roots and really release it from our systems?

How can you benefit from Intuitive Energy Healing?
  • Clear away old energy so that you can more easily “move forward”
  • Release energetic cords to past events or people
  • Gain insight, clarity
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Discover a way lighter version of YOU
  • Feel refreshed, enlivened, positive
  • Rejuvenate and energize your whole body
How does Intuitive Energy Healing work?

I play with the following premises:

  • Energy exists in all living beings & things
  • Mind, body, emotion and spirit are all connected
  • We are all designed to be healthy and in the flow- occasionally blocked energy may negatively affect this natural state of being
  • Negative, stuck energy may affect our health
  • Our bodies have profound cellular memory and may hold energy from long ago
  • Each of us can access the Divine Healing Energy
  • Health is our natural state of being

Our sessions involve the mind, body and spirit as well as an overall connection to the Divine/ Universe. Truly- they feel quite fabulous and really create amazing changes!

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Healing Session Overview

Maureen describes what a session is like . .

What to Expect & Things to keep in mind

You are responsible for the healing that takes place in your body… always!

With your permission, I assist you in clearing energies, thoughts and limiting blocks that no longer serve you. I am simply the gentle, playful guide, the facilitator. You get to choose what and how much you want to release and heal. To understand more about my healing background, read my story.

Each session is different and is uniquely customized for you and the intention that is set at the start of our session.

Healing sessions expand consciousness, clear our energy, release limits and empower you as you continue to live the life you love. Read what some clients have said about their healing sessions here.

The street cred: I’ve been trained in Reiki,  Psych-K, Access Consciousness and am a professional trained Life Coach with Coaches Training Institute.


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Yes please,  I would love a 75 minute session!

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