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Intro Call 6- part TeleClass Series 6- part meditation series

Happy Body Package - $67 (value $88) Gratitude For Your Sweet Body $27 Like Every Inch and Love The Whole Thing $27 Great Morning Meditation $17 Great Night Meditation $17

Ease & Love Package- $57 (value $78) Radical Self- Love is The Attractor Factor $27 Your Future Self Now $17 Great Morning Meditation $17 Great Night Meditation $17

This is a game changer to radically shift how you move through your life because you will develop a major crush on... YOURSELF. The world around you will reciprocate.

They look good, they feel good; they possess that thing. It’s called “The Attractor Factor.”Now that we know what it is…How the heck do we unlock the radiant treasure chest…

Blast through your glass ceiling, use knowing and awareness, deal with identity and roles, judgment, purpose, illusions of control and safety, relationships and much, much more. Your spirit, soul and…

What are you waiting for? You know what you want and you know who you want to be. Bring the wisdom of your Future Self to the present moment.

Expand your vibrational frequency to the highest levels and allow the riches and abundance to flow openly, in your direction.

Delve into the deep relationship with your own body, mind and spirit. Learn to incorporate the attitude of gratitude from the inside out and begin to adore irresistible, brilliant, dazzling…

7 minute audio~ Let go of your day and release everything that doesn’t work for you.  What if you ended your day with gratitude?  Get ready for a restful, peaceful sleep…

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7 minute audio~ Start your day with this powerful meditation/ visualization. Are you ready to create your day? Are you ready to ask the questions that will allow the universe to…

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