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Touching the Divine

A Personal Note: Touching the Divine

We all have transformative moments of awareness in our lives—call them breakthroughs, “Ah-ha!” moments, divine intervention.  They reach at various times and when we’re receptive, these moments can profoundly change our beliefs and world view.

I work with clients who are seekers—the curious, open, and motivated types who need a little boost over the fence, so to speak, that comes in the form of loving guidance and support, backed with the tools I’ve gathered from years of varied training.

And I relate because I’m a seeker, too. In that spirit, I want to share with you a profound experience that shapes my practices and how I now move in the world.

In the Spring of 2008, I was in a hypnotherapy session. My fabulous therapist Paula Robbins and I were focusing on a technique called Cellular Release Therapy™.

Our mission was clearing blocks related to flourishing relationships; it involved clearing a lot of old energy. It felt like a huge breakthrough as I continued to release energy that wasn’t mine; old habits and patterns were unwinding and I felt that it was leading me to an understanding of what was holding me back in my own relationships.

As sessions continued, so did the clearing process, accompanied by feelings of profound release. One day, as we were clearing old energy, limitations and limiting behaviors, I began to stretch my right hand back and up as far as I could, reaching up… reaching so high that I began lifting myself, stretching out of the chair, stretching to connect to the divine. To connect to God-source energy. The best visual I can share with you is the image that is painted on the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel.

The sensation was amazing, and I felt light,sparkly, healing energy pouring into me and my hand moved and hovered all over my body.  I stretched back up to reconnect, drink up the divine energy and fill myself up again, and again, and again.

Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks and I felt as if I had fully connected to The Universe & The Divine.

This day and that moment was a spiritual awakening. I gained access to information from a source beyond what my logical mind can perceive and began to share those insights with clients.

When in a private session; my hands now “know” exactly where to go and what is needed for each client to release deeply and experience their own capacity to heal and let go. This connection to the Divine, that I believe we all have access to, is a foundation for the powerful intuitive work that is incorporated into client sessions.

To this day- I still get chills when I consider how profound and powerful and truly delightful that moment was. It has actually been much more than a moment… it has been an ongoing source or magnificence in my life.

What I know for sure… we can all be connected to the Universe in that way. What if there really isn’t any separation? What if you are WAY more powerful than you give yourself credit for? Are you ready to unveil your superpowers?

The Divine in me sees and knows the divine in YOU! 


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